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         Companies adhering to the "people-oriented" core values, is committed to creating a "love of

altruism  and  harmony "  of  the  enterprise  faith .  Through  the  reform  of  income    distribution   to

mobilize  the  enthusiasm  of  employees  at  the  same time , and constantly  enrich the  spiritual life

of  employees   ,   so  as  to   enhance  the  cohesion of the enterprise, to stimulate the  creativity  of

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        We focus on team building, enhance the cohesion of the staff, through the mechanism of reform and create an atmosphere, to create a strong execution of the super combat team.

     For employees to create a clean and comfortable living environment, the establishment of life center, financial and leisure entertainment. Provide a place for the staff's leisure life. Often carry out a variety of activities, and encourage employees to the talent show, to strengthen communication between employees, so that the factory has become a home for every employee.

              We are the most powerful manufacturers with advanced production line of e-bikes. Main products: e-bikes,  bicycles, electric bicycle-parts, unicycles and sightseeing bikes  etc.Undertaking exports, foreign trade, OEM, ODM, with heavy orders. welcome to visit our factory!

            Our  factory has passed ISO certification ,and the products are enjoying a great reputation  in Europe, America, southeast Asia, Australia, central Asia and other countries. CE, FCC, TUV,ROSH, 3C and all  certificates are available.

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